CRM-system implementation

Why is it important to understand the customer's goals?

The implementation of CRM-system is a complex and multilevel process. For successful achievement of the set goals it is necessary to be able to understand the very essence of the task. Therefore, mutual understanding between the contractor and the customer is of the greatest importance. For this we have created a convenient implementation algorithm, which consists of the following steps:

CRM система

Drafting the Terms of Reference

The coordination of the technical assignment with the customer is an integral part of the contract, this procedure is the formation of a list of all the necessary elements for implementation in the CRM. That is, the compilation of TK is, in fact, a description of the desired business processes, functions and management tools. CRM-system ultimately must adapt to business processes, improve them and become a reliable partner of the user. The procedure is divided into 4 stages:

  • creating a common list of requirements
  • definition of a set of functions
  • documenting requirements
  • technical assignment for the integration of CRM with the database of any program

Coordination with the client

All items are agreed by the customer, taking into account his requirements and prospects in business processes. Here are some examples of the basic requirements for implementing CRM:

  • integration with the site
  • integration with 1C
  • telephony connection
  • business process automation
  • adjustment of cards of leads, contacts, companies, transactions
  • mail connection
  • sms connection
  • importing an existing database into CRM

Making edits

Edits mean the introduction of changes or additions to the process of implementing a CRM-system. During this phase, the customer tests all the necessary functions and fixes the improvements, if any. These additions are fixed by the contractor and are corrected in the technical assignment.


Coordination with the client

The project plan is one of the key tools for organizing interaction and reaching agreements between the project participants on the composition and timing of the results. The contract prescribes the stages of implementing a CRM-system with a calendar schedule for their implementation.

Project delivery, finalizing and commencement of operation

At the testing stage it is extremely important to analyze the effectiveness of the system as a whole. This will avoid problems with incorrect display of information in the system. After the full implementation of the CRM-system, our manager conducts comprehensive training for future users. Each of the employees should experience all the benefits, test the capabilities and make sure the correct functionality.

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